A full service production company with a past, based in Budapest. Flexibile solutions for any type of producitons. We believe that filmmaking is a beautiful challenge and we do our best to make it happen.

Lóránt Judit.

H and H Film founded in 1992 by Judit Lóránt, the heart, the engine and mother of our company. Their 30 years of experience shows in every project, with the newest technology and the most flexibility. Our main goal is to find the best team, technologies and locations for our clients. H and H film is the home of more than a 100 productions, tv shows, advertisements, documentaries and music videos. Lets see our strength:

  • Autentic locations.
  • Professional friendly team.
  • Flexibility in timing.
  • Street and professional casting.
  • Post production solutions.

Our Philosophy

Filmmaking is neither easy nor impossible. And WE belive it is an art form rooted in craft.
It is both highly technical and mysterious. and believe the impossible does not exist.


associate companies

Post Edison

is a full service post production company. The sibling company of handh film. Hand in hand with our sibling company, we can solve all the post production issues. From the animatic to the latest broadcast material. With our wide range of services that make the projects seamless from start to finish, we fully cover and follow the creative processes from concept to the studio. In addition to making the film or creating and conducting its visual and audio post-production.

  • Animation Studio - 3D animation and VFX.
  • Sound Studio – authentic sound effects and sound recording.
  • Editing and Color grading - Several effects and tricks within hours.
  • Real Time Engines and Augmented Reality
  • Broadcasting.

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